Extra-Curricular Activities

Through the ECA program, we enhance students’ understanding, skill, or effectiveness in a specific area by engaging multiple styles of learning. These activities allow our students the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, increase self-confidence, build leadership skills and even improve grades — all while having fun! It’s a great way to learn new

For parents

Future International School believes that parents are partners in educating their children and aims to involve parents at every opportunity. Parents can learn how the curriculum is progressing and our immediate plans for the school year. They are also free to make suggestions, discuss possibilities and contribute significantly to the ongoing growth and development of


For transportation to and from school, Future International School coordinates the services of buses for the convenience of parents. Students may come to school either by school bus or by car (parent or driver). The school buses serve many parts of Istanbul (Asian and European) and all buses are equipped. The school coordinates and supervises

About Istanbul

About Istanbul

Istanbul the cosmopolitan city Centuries of history for a city steeped in diverse cultures, traditions, and ideas. A former city of sultans and the most European city in Turkey, Istanbul is cosmopolitan, energetic, and bustling. This spectacular city was Founded circa 660BC as Byzantium, re-established as Constantinople around 330AD and later part of the Ottoman