Who We Are
Future International Schools is considered one of the most advanced American schools in Istanbul and is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education and the American Organization for International Schools Accreditation “Cognia (AdvancED)”, a globally-recognized accreditation company, to ensure our compliance with the highest standards in education.

What We Believe In
At FIS, we maintain a holistic learning community that families can call home. Innovative teaching styles are matched with existing, robust curriculum to allow every student to reach their full learning potential. We dedicate ourselves to igniting imaginations through stimulating problem-solving and critical-thinking projects that develop foundational skills, knowledge and socio-emotional sensitivities.

Being responsible for effective contribution in preparing a unique student for a new era.

FIS strives to be among the pioneers in building a better future for humanity, by providing high-quality education and STEAM-based technologies, with the aim of creating a conscious leadership generation capable of developing all aspects of life.

The Advantages and Services it Provides to its Students

  • An American curriculum in accordance with the international standards. “HMH”.
  • Trilingual education (English – Arabic – Turkish).
  • Qualified teaching staff selected according to specific criteria.
  • Highly competent foreign teachers.
  • Private lessons for the Holy Quran and Islamic education.
  • Mental stimulation through mental arithmetic programs.
  • Special curriculum for ethical and educational values.
  • An appropriate environment for the development of creativity and self-esteem.
  • Within one entity, our students from 30 different countries have the chance to gain the benefits of cultural, intellectual, and linguistic diversity.
  • Inside and outside classroom activities.
  • Modern scientific equipment, advanced technological means, science and robotics laboratories.
  • Recreational and educational trips.
  • English is our mandatory language and to support this point there are “ESL – ASL” classes.
  • An integrated educational system that includes an electronic platform to provide all processes of distance education; through which you can directly supervise the daily educational process of your children.
  • Powerful program to prepare students for the SAT exam.
  • “STEAM Program”.

Online learning
FIS provides online education that offers extensive benefits to students by giving a manageable schedule, student enhancement and augmented education access and choice. Online education enables our students all over the globe to learn from various mentors and teachers in different areas, increasing our knowledge and perspective.

Weekly Activities
• Indoor and outdoor activities
• Soccer, Basketball, Swimming Lesson
• Science Lab Activities
• STEM and Robotics Activities