Platform Tutorial Videos - En

First -How to Login to My Account 

This video will describe the step-by-step instructions to login to your account on FIS-K12 platform.

Second- Profile Main parts & Starting a lesson

In this video we will get introduced to the main parts of our FIS-K12 acount:
- How to edit our profile.
- My weekly schedule.
- Chat with teachers and admins.
- Notifications and sticky notes.
- Our colleagues names in each subject.

Then, we will know how to choose a lesson and start a visual online learning session.

After that, we will know how to check our attendance, daily reports, evaluation reports, and the course forum.

Third- Homework & uploading files

We will learn in this video how to:
- Check for new homework
- Download homework file from the system tree.
- Upload a homework file.
- Rename my homework file.

Forth- Platform Courses Forums

Courses forums are the places where teachers will share posts and information regarding the educational journey.
Here we may find posts and topics related to:
- New homework
- New project
- Discussion topic
- A picnic or surprising journey!
- And much more ...

Students will be able to interact and post replies to their teachers' posts, and their class friends as well.

Fifth- Platform Assignments & Assessments

In this video we will get introduced to use the assignment section, and submit our assignments and quizzes successfully. We will learn:
- Where to find the assignments.
- How to solve them.
- How to submit them.
- How to check our grades.